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-- Escrow Association of Washington
Can I pay by the month?
Yes. EasyCampus lets you pay as you go. Most people pay monthly through an automated subscription. There is a one-month discount if you pay annually. Larger organizations can request a custom invoice with Educadium approval. If you cancel with the month-to-month contract, you pay for the current month and nothing more.

How is pricing set?
Prices are based on features and number of users. Select the plan you want and then estimate the number of total registered users (administrators, teachers, learners, etc.) you expect in the upcoming year. If you need more users or if you want to change plans, you can do that at any time. The new plan will take effect the following month.

How can I pay for my EasyCampus?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover as well as PayPal. We do not accept phone orders. For custom invoicing, your  organization must be pre-approved for quarterly or annual payments. Contact for more information.

What is EasyCampus Express?
EasyCampus Express is a free version of our Virtual School Builder platform. You can register up to 25 users and use it for as long as you wish. There are five course templates available. You can upload text documents, SCORM files, videos and more. For unlimited course creation, branding capabilities, and more powerful administration features, you'll need to upgrade to one of the paid packages. An upgrade link is available inside your campus. When you upgrade, you will retain all previous work and user content.

What is a custom EasyCampus?
A custom campus is designed to your specifications by Professional Services. Prices vary, but options include a custom theme, course creation, training, software engineering, and user registration.
Do you charge for support?
No. There is free, unlimited online support for all users. Help tickets are answered in about one business day. If you need telephone or webinar assistance, as a paid option we offer enhanced support packages and custom training. Visit our Add-Ons page for more details.

Can I change plans at any time?
Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription plan at any time. For questions, please contact

Is the system secure?
EasyCampus uses a state-of-the-art cloud hosting infrastructure and firewalls supported by Amazon. All campuses and content are monitored continuously and backed up on a regular basis. There are also options for backing up individual online courses to your desktop. 

What web browsers work with EasyCampus?
EasyCampus supports all major browsers for students/learners - we recommend Firefox or Chrome for campus administrators. 

Can I charge tuition for courses?
Yes. EasyCampus offers a convenient e-commerce solutions via our Custom Tuition Payments add-on.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
An LMS like EasyCampus lets you create and market online courses in a secure way for a large number of users. You can use a variety of e-learning activities, such as discussion forums and assignments which can be linked to quizzes and certificates. Popular third-party webinar and whiteboarding software (not included) can be linked to and scheduled from within courses.

What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policies?
Please review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

EasyCampus Features
Assign Administrator, Teacher and Student roles to registered users
Private Messaging
Send confidential messages to one or more registered users
File Repository
Create a directory of useful content for learners to access
Attach  files such as MS Office and Adobe PDF for user download
Create and view blogs; let campus members keep their own blogs
Allow learners to return to the last page viewed in a course
Import SCORM packages for self-paced learning
Event Calendar
Create date-based events for your EasyCampus and courses
Issue certificates automatically based on specified activity grades
Enhanced Reporting Add-On
Create and track user records based on your own custom criteria
Session Tracking Add-On
Keep a record of the estimated time that learners spend within a course
Schedule live chat sessions for your EasyCampus and courses
Conditional Activities Add-On
Lock pages until specified learning activities are complete
Course Bundling Add-On
Sell a group of paid courses to the public for one price
Enhanced Support Add-On
Recieve VIP support and production assistance
Help Tickets
Free online support and materials for all registered users
Custom URL Add-On
Change your EasyCampus URL (e.g.,
Form Maker Add-On
Create student forms for enrollment or course activities
Google Apps Integration Add-On
Integrate popular Google Apps with your EasyCampus 
CampusPay E-Commerce
Charge tuition for courses and receive monthly accounting
Choose from many a variety of colors and styles
Discussion Forums
Create and use a variety of bulletin board formats for facilitated learning
Landing Page
Design your  EasyCampus home page and promote your courses
Enrollment Keys
Create codes to provide selective access for course enrollment
Bulk Enrollment
Register many users at once into your EasyCampus and courses
Create HTML hyperlinks to EasyCampus and external materials
Turn Off Enrollment
Hide courses or turn enrollment off for selected courses
Upload and insert audio into an EasyCampus course
News Items
Create informative news blocks for your EasyCampus users
Assignment Dropbox
Receive learner-uploaded assignments for grading
Upload, embed and display pictures in many popular formats
Create a bank of assorted quiz questions for assessments
Remove Content
Quickly delete users, courses, templates, activities and blocks
Add popular RSS feeds to your EasyCampus
Back up a course to your desktop for safekeeping
Administer your EasyCampus through a role-based Admin panel
Upload and embed video files including YouTube into a course
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additional services and features.
Enhanced Customer Support
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Sell Courses
Your Logo and Branding
Unlimited Courses
10GB Storage
Preferred Package and...
Custom URL
Admin Training
50GB Storage
Standard Package and...
Page Locking
Course Bundles
Form Maker
25GB Storage